Enjoy The Process

For me, I spend too much time worrying about outcomes. How will it look? Will others like it, like me?

This outcome-oriented thinking only leads to my unhappiness because my joy comes from creating. Fretting about the result only takes the enjoyment away. I’m my happiest when in my flow and producing something new.

Because of this, I’m resetting my thoughts. No outcome goals. That’s right no outcome goals. The goals like post once a week or get 500 followers always makes me stressed and sad. Now I will focus on the act of creating, its what brings me delight. If I get followers great if not it won’t matter because I’m having fun.

I hope you enjoy the process with me. 🙂


2 thoughts on “Enjoy The Process

  1. I love this! I found when I adjusted my thinking like this, focused on the process not the outcome, not only did it free up my style and make the process much more fun, it also rippled out into other aspects of life too. I hope you find the same 😊

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