Art Journal Card – Oblivious

Sometimes we don’t see what is in front of our faces. When I made the second piece in the National Geographic series, I didn’t realize how it reflected my life until the end.

You see, I have been eating better in hopes of not only losing weight but to also fix my lack of energy problem. Well, during the creation process I just was thinking how I loved the colors. How the brown and pink made the green just pop out! When I finished the piece, it hit me. This journal entry was about my picking healthier things over desserts. I mean confetti is flying out of the lettuce. 🙂 The lettuce is also parading its win over a piece of chocolate, and that is why I called it Vegetable Celebration.



1. After pasting the image from the National Geographic magazine down on the paper, I took to my Peerless watercolor papers to add a molted effect to the background. The pink watercolor matched quite nicely to the pink in the image, woot!


2. This step involved adding my zendoodle, i.e., the explosion of confetti. I also added the pink triangle cutouts to the doodle. Then I decided to pull some of the green from the lettuce out into the rest of the canvas by adding green tips to the pink triangles.


3. The final touches were all that was left to do. I added some shadows and highlights with charcoal. White charcoal pencils were new to me, and I enjoyed using it to add a bit of lightness to a rather dark piece.

Process Video

National Geographic Series

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