Art Journal Card – Struggle

The meaning of this piece, which is part of the National Geographic series, did not come to me until the end. During the process of making the art journal card, I only thought about what the next step would be and if it would work with what was appearing on the card. Only at the end did its meaning come to me. Struggle.

The flower is trying to pull itself out of a neverending, downward spiral. Success does not come; It can only just barely keep its head above the turmoil.

Sometimes my life feels like this. Those pesky negative thoughts constantly try to drag me down with them, and at times it feels like my head barely peeks out into the positive world.

It’s interesting how we can read things into art. What I see represented in my mixed media, might be different for you. Tell me what you see?



1. Gluing the flower image down came first then I added a layer of gesso to blend the picture into the background. Next, I pasted some cutouts to the card.


2. The cutouts did not work for me so off they came. Then I added a green background with watercolors. To carry the red out, I splattered a little bit of red watercolor. Next up came the doodle in black ink, and then I filled it in with a white acrylic pen.


3. The final details included adding another coat of white and some shadows with charcoal pencils to add some dimension.

Process Video

National Geographic Series

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