Art Journal Card – Surprise

Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Process Start To Finish

It’s funny how you plan to do something and then change your mind to be surprised by the results. That is what happened with this art journal card. I did not intend to include the picture I used from the National Geographic magazine.

It did not initially call out to me, no instinctive feeling towards it. Probably because of the darkness and lack of color. But, I wanted to try cutting out a tangle and experimenting with the results, so I thought what the hay, I’ll try it on this image. Suprise! It turned out pretty neat. A bit gritty, with some soft edges.

What do you think?

Process Video

Here is the process video of how to make an art journal card from start to finish. If you would like to see a picture step by step process, just continue scrolling down.


Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 1.jpg
1. First I pasted the picture from the national geographic magazine down onto some card stock.
Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 2.jpg
2. Next, I drew the tangle on top of the image.
Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 3.jpg
3. I then cut out individual flowers, while at the same time leaving a chunk in tack.
Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 4.jpg
4. I tried something new. Instead of just applying gesso to one side of the index card, I applied it to both sides in hopes that it would help prevent it from curling. And guess what? It worked. After the gesso, I added some watercolor, while making sure that there was a darker line going up the card.
Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 5.jpg
5. Then to add a touch of color, I added some orange speckles.
Mixed Media Art Journal Tutorial Step 6
6. Next came gluing down the pieces. I followed the dark line from the watercolor, in hopes it would guide your eye.
Art Journal 2
7. And last but not least, I added a few shadows with a charcoal pencil and trimmed the flowers that were sticking out.

National Geographic Series